SuperGeek Free Document OCR

SuperGeek Free Document OCR 8.8

Professional image OCR tool that can convert image files like scanned documents

SuperGeek Free Document OCR is an optical character recognition program that scans an image and then extracts any readable text.
This is a simple utility that doesn't have many features. The advantage is that it’s easy to use and it gets straight to the point without confusing the user with complicated processes or elements. The disadvantage is that it works well only with high-quality images that contain text with a solid background. If the text has even a subtle background variation, the OCR process will fail to recognize the letters properly. This is because the extra pixels of different colors around the letters confuse the recognition algorithm. It would have been a good idea to include a few simple tools such as convert to grayscale or black and white to allow the user to process the image before scanning it.

Anyway, considering that this is a free application, it works pretty well in most cases and the time it takes to extract the text from an image is usually short.

A feature that is missing from most free OCR tools is the ability to select a region from the picture and extract text only from that. This program allows the user to perform this action and although it might not seem important, it can save a lot of time.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Does a good job when the text is clear and has a solid background, preferably white


  • Even the slightest variation in the text background confuses the OCR module
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